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Top 4 best sea cruise on Halong Bay while traveling

The trip in Halong Bay resort always bring more visitors emotions with exciting experiences.

Halong Bay tour, you will not be able to skip a trip water floating in mid-air, watching the fairytale beauty hidden in each scene, explore local people’s lives in the fishing village and enjoy the night romance on the bay.

Experience the most amazing trip of your Halong Bay cruise with the top 4 most impressive sea below introduce you okay!

1 most luxurious yacht: Paradise Yacht

You’re looking for a luxury cruise travel Halong his, then Paradise Cruise (including Paradise Luxury, Paradise Privilege and Paradise Peak) is the ‘peak of the peak’ for every aspect.
Right from the first glance, this yacht is not only aesthetically attractive and its interior, but also with spacious cabins and clean and very luxury and sophistication. Each yacht will stay in the possession of the widest cabins with private balconies, spa area for massages and separate, large restaurants, and filled with light, bar and terrace perfect for sunbathing. Boating Paradise with a combination of luxury class space with the dedicated service of the staff, will give you the relaxation, on a yacht brings world class.

2 Cruise brings the most emotion: Emeraude Cruises

Emeraude Yacht presence on Halong Bay since 2003 and has become the pride of tourism in Ha Long Bay. Pleasure vessel Emeraude is the shape of an ancient ship powered by steam, has 3 floors with 37 luxury cabins, which can accommodate 74 passengers with impeccable service like a 5 star hotel on the sea​​.
On board there are services like massage, kayaking, morning tai chi training, cooking … Guests will enjoy the special dishes of European, Asian and seafood buffet style. When you travel on a cruise Emeraude is currently taking a journey back in time, to a period of history was away. The yacht is designed with luxurious interiors, aristocratic French classic style will give visitors the moment resting, relaxing comfortably.

3 The first steel yacht on the Bay: Au Co Cruises

Au Co Cruises consortium consisting of two luxury yachts 5 star standards, by architect Anne Droussie French design, was launched in the Gulf of Tonkin on June 4/2012, of 32 luxury rooms, 1 restaurants, 2 bars, a spa and a unique 1st terrace liberal. With an open space, exquisite interior, equipped with modern amenities, private balconies, creating separate spaces romance, Au is considered large yachts, luxury, have a long and unique journey The most current Gulf of Tonkin.
Besides enjoying the unique scenery of Halong bay, tourists can take part in many fun activities such as kayaking, biking, visiting national forests, community activities, visiting monuments history, explore Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Cat Ba Island.

4 Cruising program best: Cruising Halong Marguerite Garden

Located in Bai Chay wharf, cruise Halong Marguerite Garden was designed with 10 luxurious rooms, each room is equipped with a full range of modern facilities, the unique style of architecture and construction style oriental tradition, brought an airy and cozy.
Besides, owns a yacht with a luxury restaurant, the space is designed with large, airy, which serves a variety of European-Asian dishes all regions and all fresh seafood delicious hand-made ​​from famous chefs. In addition, the resort Cruise Halong Marguerite Garden visitors also feel interested in recreation activities and other relaxation such as caving, fishing, night squid fishing, snorkeling, rowing kayaking, sunbathing on the terrace ….

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