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After all of our tours we ask every traveler to review their holidays so that we may publish some of them on our website to help potential customers decide on iExplore Vietnam Travel for their holidays to Vietnam.

It is important for other travelers to hear the honest opinions from our past clients. We do not alter or edit what has been said. We also keep their emails for the references, but for privacy protection clients should think carefully before sending them.


From: Giora-p []
Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2010 10:24 PM
To: ‘Hai-iExplore Vietnam’
Subject: Thanks from Israel
Importance: High

Dear Hai,

Since we’ve returned to Israel a week ago I can’t find a moment to write this Email to you.
So maybe still it will not be long and not as detailed as I wanted (some other time…) but at least a few words, mostly to thank you VERY very much for everything. Months of correspondence were not easy for you, I’m sure, but this is my nature – very precise and stubborn… especially when it comes to other people’s time and money, because I really felt great responsibility for the other friends more than for me and Hanna.
But as we say in Hebrew – “the results talk for themselves” – and one can not argue with success!

This trip was indeed “the trip of our life” (and believe me Hai that we’ve traveled a LOT) thanks to your patient, understanding and continues effort to make absolutely the best for us, really beyond expectations and to a level of perfection that is difficult to describe!
Everything was great, and if you’ll be interested I’ll be happy to give you detailed feedback day-by-day, however 2-3 things I must share with you right away because these were no-doubt the “stars” of our 3 weeks in Vietnam:

  1. Homestay in Ta Van (Phan Van Ly) was excellent! Great people, great location, great food (much better than all the restaurants later even in Hanoi) and one of our most remembered experiences J Wish I could go there again and stay a little longer!
  2. The hotel in Hanoi was an excellent choice and gradually became our “second home” in-between the trips and during the celebrations in Hanoi. In hot and humid weather like we had, all we needed is a nice room with good shower, laundry services and a friendly team – all which the “Imperial” was and a lot more. Also the arrangement of leaving there our luggage was absolutely brilliant! Not to mention the hotel’s excellent location, especially during the celebrations. Please be so kind to convey our team’s thanks and appreciation to the hotel’s management, with special thanks for excellent and friendly service to Mr. HUNG J who was like “the diamond of the crown” and I hope that the hotel knows it…
  3. Our Halong Bay cruise was out of this world… very difficult for me to describe what and where, simply because it was so perfect. If I had any mistake in my planning, it was not to add another day or two to this cruise, to enjoy properly not “only” the magnificent view, boat and crew but also to have some real rest because these guys kept us busy almost all the time… The “Red Dragon” was simply excellent and here too, the diamond was a very unique person – our guide on the boat Mr. Cao Hung Son. If I had a company and wanted to teach my employees what “service” means, I would certainly hire Son and just let him teach everyone else! He is a naturally-born serviceman, he really likes what he does, and absolutely each and every one of our small team has felt the same and appreciated it very much. Please convey our warm and personal appreciation for this unique person to the Indochina Junk JSC management J

Well, a lot more can be said Hai, about almost every day, every stop, every spot we’ve seen and every food we’ve eaten – all were very close to perfection, but the above (in my view) were really unique.
And talking of “Uniqueness” of course I can’t finish without complimenting YOU again (and again and again…) for your fantastic service and perfect arrangements from “A” to “Z”. We will never forget the amazing welcome dinner (what was the name of that huge restaurant?) nor the last minutes at the Imperial Hotel when you’ve surprised me (and us all) by coming to say good bye and bringing another present for everyone. So nice and so different!

I never had the need to talk with anyone else than you at iExplore but this time, for a change, I felt that your manager (and friend?) must also hear what I have to say in summarizing our group’s trip to Vietnam and therefore I’m copying him too on this Email. I hope you don’t mind.
I’ve already started to tell people about our trip and will soon start to send articles and pictures to some travelers’ websites that have requested my impression to be expressed there after we return. I can assure you that iExplore will get a lot of credit from me and I certainly hope that more Israelis will use your assistance in the future. Thank you all!

If you wish to see “some” of my photographs from Vietnam, please follow this link:
You can either look page-by-page (11-12 pages…) or go into the “Vietnam” album and watch there. In any way, the best is to use the “slideshow” function – where the pictures run automatically and appear in relatively large size.

Thanks a gain and best regards from Israel,