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Planning and organizing the opening week of the National Tourism Year 2015 – Thanh Hoa

In order to promote the image of Thanh Hoa – spiritual masterpiece local area, rich tourism potential, peaceful, hospitable to tourists at home and abroad, the opening week of the National Tourism Year 2015 – Thanh Hoa will be large-scale organization, to make their mark, a prerequisite to welcome the continuation of the activities the National Tourism Year (NDLQG) occur throughout the whole 2015.
Accordingly, the opening NDLQG Week 2015 – Thanh Hoa will be held from 13th – 03.18.2015 with the participation of the leaders of the Government, ministries and central agencies, provinces and cities in the country Steering Committee NDLQG; representatives of embassies, consulates, the sister cities, international organizations; representatives of the agencies and organizations in Thanh Hoa province and the city, town or district; comrades veteran revolutionaries and intellectuals typical; donors, sponsors and agencies information media.
The highlight of the week was the opening program took place at 19:30 am the day 14/3 at Lam Son Square (TP. Thanh Hoa). At the ceremony, the Organizing Committee will summarize the activities organized over 12 NDLQG period; an overview of a number of heritage has been honored by UNESCO, some scenic character of the province, the city has a world heritage, the active image of Thanh Hoa province leaders prepare for NDLQG … immediately after the opening ceremony will be arts program with the theme “Thanh Hoa – A heritage area – convergence and shine” includes 3 parts: praise land Thanh human origin, introduced the heritage chemical characteristics of Vietnam has been honored by UNESCO and festive exchanges encounter between cultures in the region and the world. To create attraction, creativity, not duplicate programs held over the years, this art program demonstrates high generalization, clearly indicate the purpose, the subject of NDLQG 2015 through Judicial much art, harmonious combination between art song and dance, folk music, folk games, art light …
During the opening week of 2015 NDLQG there are many other exciting activities, which represents the domain of heritage festivals are held at Lam Son Square (TP. Thanh Hoa), Sam Son town , the Lake house (Vinh Loc), Lam Kinh relic (Tho Xuan district), Nghi Son economic Zone (Tinh Gia district). Besides, the MPC. Thanh Hoa will also create space Flower Street on Le Loi Boulevard with the typical image of the cultural heritage and the heritage of Thanh Hoa distinguished world, to the float to serve tourists, the lights flower flowers along the streets. In particular, from 10/3 to 10/4, Ham Rong Square and the city center cluster. Thanh Hoa will organize propaganda posters, large plates with themes celebrate major holidays of the country and 50 years of Ham Rong victory.
In addition, many other activities will also be responding to the Thanh Hoa local organizations such as the launch of the rating decision historic national level and approved projects to preserve, restore and promote historical value Lo Hai Van Cao resistance (Nhu Thanh district); cultural festivals, arts and culture typical village Party celebrate, celebrate spring, celebrate and Congress NDLQG levels (Vinh Loc); Spring carnival games Pha (Xuan Truong Tho Xuan district) and carnival Muong Xia (Son Thuy Commune, Quan Son).
To program took place as planned, the Organizing Committee has assigned tasks to specialized sub-deployment activities to prepare for the opening week of 2015 NDLQG as: collaboration with the director general, consultants building and tracking script details the activities of the opening week; develop a plan to ensure security before, during and after the festival; coordinate with relevant agencies to better organize the work front, logistics before, during and after the opening ceremony; deployment of propaganda, promoting the opening ceremony and NDLQG; promote urged funding for the activities of NDLQG …

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