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Job Exchange crafts Hoi An – Korea Times I 2014

From day 2 to day 12.4, in the city of Hoi An, Quang Nam will occur Exchange crafts craft Hoi-Korea First 2014.
This activity is due to Hoi An city government in collaboration with the city of Gwangju, Korea celebrated the 15th anniversary of Hoi An Ancient Town is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage (04/12 / 1999-04 / 12/2014).
The exchange took place with many activities for development cooperation Signing art and culture, the arts and crafts, cooperative production and consumption of products between the two cities; Workshops, seminars product development … Especially the space to showcase their products handicrafts and traditional performances such as Hoi An: the craft of making lanterns, Thanh Ha pottery tradition, carpentry Kim Bong, bamboo craft and art graft Cam Thanh woven coconut leaves, woven hammocks by Tan Hiep sycamore, silk weaving and Quang Nam photo exhibition “Discover the World Cultural Heritage Sites of Hoi An.”
To the artists from the city of Gwangju – South Korea will introduce the products of handicrafts and traditional craft demonstrations such as weaving, paper making, bamboo handicraft … In addition to the above activities, nightly , Hoi An will hold the traditional performing arts to serve tourists.
Exchange Program is a significant event for promoting the introduction of cultural occupations and traditional handicraft products of Hoi An and Gwangju-South Korea to numerous domestic and foreign friends.

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