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With the area of ​​Quang Ninh exotic dishes mini octopus

As a species of octopus, but only with your thumb, people Quang Ninh called the procession. These “mini octopus” living nestled in the mangrove beach in Quang Ninh people arrested for processing into specialty …
Referring to people thought Halong specialty rolls ink hand pounding, fries devotees, crab or crab dishes. In addition, there are shrimp dish that everyone does not know holes.
Season shrimp with a long leg drop time from July to October lunar calendar. To catch shrimp with long legs intertwined in Bagua – the speed of a fisherman, nets or a scan of the hole.
Procession there are many ways of cooking, especially traditional dish of boiled shrimp dishes. Procession of life, catch up on the basketball court, rubbing salt scrub and rinse the pot boiled with tamarind leaves sour guava leaves. Sour tamarind leaves soften and remove fish, guava leaves a bitter taste and crunchy tone procession.
When boiling, remove the shrimp was very clean hole in the foil layer at the bottom of the pot-au-law went there, then red on boiling water dun.Khi first, once you shock procession leaves the hole-in-law and intertwined.
Every time I see shrimp turn pink hole, clinging tentacles bend backwards in small circles, it is now cooked shrimp.
The procession of nine holes when they become pink, cupping reverse curl in small circles, looking like a wing flowers, beautiful.
Is dotted with shrimp sauce shrimp paste mixed with lemon juice, sugar, garlic, chili. If those who like to drink beer and gourmet, can add a little tomato or green bananas and star fruit cup slip countries sip wine, really tasty dishes to add flavor for hometown.
Shrimp spawning season, people are called sticky rice procession. Procession sticky rice is made ​​exactly like shrimp dishes normal holes, but the color and taste of its new and relaxation.
Unlike salt water, water Quang Ninh Sea salt-free compared to other places, so here’s the juicy and tasty shrimp.
Quang Ninh His small but imbued with a unique freshness and sweet than the usual procession procession. When used type of shrimp for the treatment of food people usually choose small shrimp, the type of shrimp chips is the most delicious shrimp guy in food processing.
A plate of shrimp sticky rice on the table, we can see little blue cooler slit eyes, the color of the traditional banana fedora white tangle of purple leaves, blue lenses and especially nail polish attractiveness prawn white dotted small droplets of sticky rice with shrimp themselves.
Holes shrimp eggs, sticky rice shrimp population called. Disk so colorful procession sticky rice, sexy: sour star fruit, banana and white fedora charges Green, purple leaves of apricot, green leaves hang nail management, prawn, and especially the white of the “particle sticky rice” in procession was interrupted himself … all that is mixed with shrimp paste chili garlic to taste
The steamed shrimp when they become pink, cupping reverse curl in small circles, looking like a wing flowers, beautiful. Characteristic color of the dish is the mixture of guava leaves with blue, red pepper, offer lots of fun. Procession when the dish is cooked to soft and crisp aromatic steam – besides the leaves of guava tart, spicy chili sauce.

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