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Westerners reveal secret shopping in Hanoi

Hoan Kiem District is located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi is a great place tourists wandering explore. These stores sell the same type of product and the same sum deposited on each street, and this is also an ideal place to buy souvenirs. Best things to buy in Hanoi is silk, cotton furniture, silver, ceramics, handicrafts, embroidery, and especially you will get bargains if hard bargain.
You should buy silver jewelry and antiques here. Some stores even made of silver according to your needs. You can also purchase works of art in this city.
Hang Dao Street: This street is where you can easily buy the shoes simple. But note that the size is quite small, so you should try before you buy.
  Hang Trong: Along the street, you can find shops selling handicrafts such as pillows, wooden furniture galleries, tablecloths or knee station. Furniture design here is somewhat subtle than others.
Hang Gai: This City is the perfect place for you to buy gas and cotton pillows. Here, you can put clothes. There are many tailor shops suit, or can form your sewing fabric you choose.
And after shopping, do not forget to eat noodles and enjoy a hot cup of coffee yogurt in Hang Dieu street.

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