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Vietnam gentle angle through American photographer

3 times to Vietnam, recently returned after 8 years, photographer Chuck Kuhn freedom Americans have always carried with me a love for the land and the S-shaped want to live here.
  Starting a work in architecture, but Chuck Kuhn from San Francisco was attached to the camera from 15 years ago and became a freelance photographer. He went to Vietnam three times, first in 2005 when registered as photographer for the Emeraude Cruise, a luxury yacht serve tourists in Ha Long, Quang Ninh.
Within 3 weeks of work in Vietnam, Chuck Kuhn befriended many new friends and become a photographer first American to participate (Forum of photographers and photography lovers in Vietnam ). After a lively discussion with the members of the forum, he and Le Bich, a photo journalist, had become close friends still in touch now. In the first trip to Vietnam Chuck Kuhn’s work has been going through a lot of places like Hanoi, HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Nha Trang and My Tho.
A year later he returned to Vietnam in 2 weeks. This time not only photographed cruise on Halong Bay, but he also had the opportunity to some places such as Sapa in Lao Cai, Bac Ha. Most recently in May 8/2014, he returned to Vietnam after 8 years and spent a whole month to explore and experience the S-shaped country more than ever.
Vietnam trip this long winded he was photographed in the old church Nam Dinh, boating on the lagoon Van Long (Ninh Binh), return to Sa Pa grain season and many other locations. However, most of the time Chuck Kuhn and working in Hanoi, with a number of journalists to the traditional craft villages near the capital as art Son Dong village, Hoai Duc district to learn about the job and life of the artist.
Referring to the impression that Vietnam left in his heart, Chuck Kuhn remember the image of the frequency woman on the street early Monday trading, austere man working boy or girl home from school … all beaming grin. When Chuck Kuhn put the lens on record that moment he felt great to be a photographer.
Chuck Kuhn share, the friends and the people of this gentle land made him beloved country of Vietnam. When he put his photo taken on the community site makes a lot of foreign people interested and curious about the idyllic beauty of it. To describe Vietnam, Chuck Kuhn used the word “raw”, meaning “original” is always retain the original nature and effects do not change. Beauty “original” in the eyes, carefree smile of Vietnam makes him an old artist, feel younger age to a few dozen.
Talking about change after eight years in Vietnam, where he found the time to observe Vietnamese people to use the phone, car and helmet than before. Also works as the Old Quarter of Hanoi, the buildings built in the old French style, the fruit market, food … still as ever.
Chuck Kuhn decided to return to Vietnam many times because the land and its people to help him find happiness. Whether traveling to Vietnam alone, but he did not feel lonely because they are laughing, chatting comfortably, meet new friends and old. If you have the opportunity to stay in Vietnam he was sure that I could live in a long time. Chuck Kuhn said may 2015 he will return to Vietnam to work with a number of companies in the communications sector.

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