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Vietnam bed bus through the eyes of foreigners

I have to swing like spider legs touching the floor just before entering the toilet, it is not easy when you are working away at a speed of 100 km / h

Lindsay and Sarah are two popular backpacker girls, to Vietnam after the Thai experience. On Page personal blog, besides beauty, Lindsay also recounted the experience with the type of bus berths in Vietnam two years ago. Below are some general service from the blog post.

Route 1: Ninh Binh – Hue

With only 2 weeks to explore the country lengthwise, we decided to make the trip through the night, saving both time and costs. And indeed, I’m also the extremely interesting experience.

After drinking tea, waiting patiently with hotel owners, the car finally see guest appearances. Slightly more reassuring when stepping foot on the car and saw the “hotel” in its next 13 hours.

There are 3 rows of seats that are called sleepers, chairs shaped like the dentist’s clinic. So to end up in the dock near the car only a few empty beds. Sarah chose a spot on the floor, but I like to try a different way to climb on the 2nd floor like you’re ready to put the foot on the underlying surface.

These beds are designed only for Vietnam, it’s just enough for my body and do not have much room to fidget. Legs stretched out straight in a small drawer above the glass shelves, cramped space, the end of the first leg is next, it also stores the small bag to carry.

The stiff me, lies in the ghost-like coffee-dragon hiding in a coffin. Wheeled vehicle began to move.

After about 2 hours, this time is 12 hours and 30 minutes at night, the driver stopped the car to go to the toilet and people eating. Speaking to the toilet, where it was just like a big trough a lot of people, just a small room with the door. Sarah brave decision and quickly select the small room. I then thought I would use the toilet on the bus, but I was wrong.

Toilets in the car too small and unbearable stench of urine, but no other way. Cover your mouth and eyes, I proceed as quickly as possible and vowed to crush will not drink a drop of water in the remaining journey. Of course, that is not to try to drink beer at 7am habits of many Vietnamese.

Vietnam roads potholed lumpy, drivers are honking constantly. 13 hour trip from Ninh Binh to Hue really noisy and uncomfortable, not to mention the music that seems like the only drivers but still very loud pop, he does not want affordable for passengers to sleep ? But finally survived more than half a day lying on the car.

Check in hotel in Hue, we are shocked to mentally prepare for the upcoming experience …

Route 2: Hue – Nha Trang

After experiencing what at first stage, we uniformly select races to train for the night, but unfortunately schedules do not match, pity the car back to the customer. Dealers set trip promises sure this car will be much better than last time, but I still much suspicion.

Go to the bus station quite early to make sure there is room on the first nice. This car also has 3 rows before bed like the car, previous experience is drawn between the goods, this time I choose to close the window. Sarah hurry to climb up the stairs, and I was looking for a place beneath her ​​bed buddy. But, a kid grabbed me and pushed to occupy that place. Torn screaming, but then he sat up straight back chair and loom that I can not do anything more. Infuriated, I did not do anything but climb the middle, with the fear of the journey 12 hours ago.

This car bed is even smaller than the previous car, when lying down elbow would put out. Pant legs shoved into smaller and I could not straighten the leg and had to curl your toes like a pigeon. A person holding a spray bottle to go quickly around the car to blanket spray, does not seem to be very clean. They also undergo more mattresses on the floor, how many people are going to this small car here?

I observed and noticed everyone was treated to occupy the same way we suffered before. No one is allowed to sit where they want and place designated as a prisoner of war. No Vietnam around, we realized that all foreigners are being herded onto the 2nd floor.

People sitting around watching bewildered and frustrated – but a German couple in conical hats sitting next to me. He married a very high, hard to put yourself small area of “dentist chair clinic”, immediately after completion, he squeezed his forehead with his hand and enjoy their own sleep.

Even fellow Germans did not mind that the side aisle, with a side bed used by the Vietnam Women wearing clothes like leopard from head to toe, wearing a mask tight. Wool bed trying to narrow that space, her head just a few inches his crotch, unfortunately the Germans were using hat cover sensitive parts.

At the next station, we pick up some Vietnamese people, all of them located below the first floor and are given a bottle of water, but foreigners are not. Blatant discrimination. A man can not in his seat without climbing over a woman. Instead she asked gently, he pushed her chair forward and reach the provincial seat of butter.

Finally, with the car full of visitors, we also began to move seamlessly. Music gets bigger and better, that I had turned the volume of his iPod headset maximum level may still hear external sounds. Sarah brought earplugs, and this is a good time to take effect.

At midnight, vehicles are required to stop people using the toilet and eating. Probably no one’s eating habits at this hour, but for some reason when guests ride, they feel the need to recharge energy.

Toilets along the way are always simple manner all levels, odors and water profusely on the floor. For those who are familiar, this car not long marveled. Too bad, but thinking of the toilet on the bus, I do not have any other choice.

Outside toilet is a row of men stood spitting, looks like a barnyard than a toilet.

Back to the car, loud music back again, this time too the morning. The road starts bobbing, more must be noted that each vehicle cornering, it felt like the car when cornering only run on a bakery.

Unfortunately, on such a long journey, no matter where limited water to matter, can not avoid using the toilet. But this time, it’s hard to overcome aisles filled with sleeping people. I have to swing like spider legs touching the floor just before entering the toilet, it is not easy work when the car is going at a speed of 100 km / h.

Then again, I do not how close the door, so to keep the door with one hand while your other hand against the wall for balance. Try squatting on the car are working hard so fast, I felt like I had been thrown through the car in toilet. The mood then it’s bad, just wanted to scream “yeehaa!” loud for comfort.

Intends to return to tell Sarah about what had just experienced, then you have slept with her ​​ear plugs and eye mask. However, when both woke up, I was the one who was the main story of Sarah toilet, as well as Spiderman, climbing and sleeping people to realize that there is only one pair of pants hanging on a door hygiene.

In the end, everything is over, plugged my headphones immersed in your favorite tunes and slowly go to sleep, knowing that going to see Nha Trang with beautiful beaches, and more importantly, it is time to take a bus bed finally coming to an end.

Beside the bed, a German guy was smiling, sure is a beautiful dream!

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