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The recruiting scams to be aware when traveling

Taxi scams
In many countries, the taxi drivers are required to mount meter. However, many drivers have “pocket” tourists skilfully based on the clock seems very “fair” is. Many drivers have made some tweaks to establish a toll, kilometers to “pickpocket” customers.
Fraud on the name of the hotel
When you get out of the airport, train station and caught a taxi and ask them to name a specific hotel. But you did not know that there are many business hotels in the name of the famous hotels in the quality of our services are completely different. Therefore please check the name and address of the hotel carefully before entering the hotel.
The gang of beggars
One of the problems still stinging with tourists as beggars, especially organized begging. Some “gangster” gather the poor, teach them how to beg and tricks suited to “pocket” good people.
Pitfalls in bar
Fraud often targeted audience is male guests, the local girls who will approach you and chat with you to achieve your trust in. They will convince you to other bars in the area, you’re proud to be surrounded by young girls should be ready to shell money for their drinks. But no doubt, will be shocked when you get a bill payment in the amount of up to hundreds of dollars while the girl was gone.
Police author
Sometimes you can also fake police encounter. When they ask you to see your passport and visa to say that there are some problems with them and suggest you give them a cash for everything will be over, then immediately you ask them to put on office for clarification and you will realize his true face.
Fooling buying counterfeit
Travelers also very susceptible to the trap trick buying counterfeit goods, pirated goods such as furs, ivory, tiger, horse … fake high in Southeast Asia and Africa. Guests also easy to buy fake jewelry, leather goods and counterfeit Cuban cigars, wine author in France …
Currency exchange scams
Many travelers have a habit of changing money at the border. This facilitates the operation of counterfeit money changers. When visitors wishing to change a lot of money, the money changers can be deceptive immediately. In it simplest way is sandwiched between paper or counterfeit money to deposit real money. If accidentally discovered, they just apologize and refund the truth.
You to a famous tourist destination and meet the locals in traditional costumes and smile? Let’s agree a price before because they do not stand free for you to take! Usually their accomplices will hold “help” your camera and will not return until you pay!

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