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The reason you should not be afraid to fly

Flying above the clouds and looking at homes, small lakes below is one of the exciting experience that you should not miss.

2014 has not ended but is still considered the year obsession “air disaster” with the aircraft crashed. That’s part of the psychological impact to air travelers, there are many who have chosen to cancellations and other moves. But here are some reasons you should not avoid transportation is still considered the world’s safest.

Continuous flight of aircraft in the sky big sky

Usually there are about 10,065 flights on the sky at all times.

Benefits of aircraft

You have to take many months of training costs $ 33,000 plus the risk of death and numb limbs if you want to watch the Mount Everest in the usual way. But if you airplane departures only takes 2 hours plus low cost and the ability to network security almost absolute can view Mount Everest from above, even much higher than your self climb that.

You have the opportunity to meet her long-legged waitress, beautiful and enthusiastic.


According to research by economists, airfare to many after decades of increasingly cheaper. Meanwhile, train ticket, bus ticket on the rise.

Safe when lightning strikes

Patrick Smith, a pilot and author of Cockpit Confidential – unveil book about “all the things you need to know about aviation” – said: A private jet two-year average lightning strike once . However, this does not affect the lives of people sitting inside.

Being safe means of transportation in the world

According to the civil aviation authority, the death rate by air travel lowest compared to other means such as trains, cars and motorcycles. Even the death rate due to lower aircraft mortality due to lightning. With this statistic, aircraft transport is still the safest.

Avoid the plane does not mean avoiding death

According Telegrhap, even if you do not fly, you can still die because of their “romantic flashed” as rolled from the bed to the ground. In the UK, an average of about 20 deaths per year due to this problem.

Even if your plane crashed, you still have a chance of survival. A study by the American government found that among 568 plane crash in the country between 1993 and 2000, involving 53,487 passengers and crew. 51 207 of these still (over 90%) survived. Of the 26 serious plane crash, the report found that more than half of the passengers and crew survived.

Having time for yourself

On the plane there is no wifi, no phone reception. You will have at least a fixed period of time to yourself and relax without being bothered by anyone.

weight Loss

Food on planes is often listed as “bad” and customers are less likely to use them, or eat very little. So this will be an opportunity to lose weight for the visitors body fat.

Anh Minh

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