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Precautions to avoid theft of property

You can protect your assets at the hotel by luggage tag, hanging “do not disturb” or store personal belongings, money in safe.

The secret thoughts of hospitality management / hotel Secrets are revealed through the front

After check in hotel, many people usually cover all belongings such as laptops, ipad out of bed for convenient use. Following situations, you can leave everything there, out of the room and wander to explore the city. When you look back, the worst case is that you suddenly discovered the laptop “is not that flying wing”, also ipad disappeared while watches or rings left in the bathroom missing.

The risk of theft of property is not only you are a victim. If travel preparation, please note the following things to protect his property.

1. Select a reputable hotel

Read carefully where you are going to be the first hint precaution. Before deciding to booking, you should have available information such as hotel, whether bustling area, full of vices or near police station … You can also refer to a number of tourist sites prestigious hotel reviews to know where desirable and high safety rate.

2. Avoid selecting a room on the ground floor

Not always easy to choose the location you great rooms. However, please note that to avoid the rooms on the ground floor, especially where there is a vision or a large window overlooking the parking lot, easy for outside observers. Bad guys can see and reach inside the room faster than you think.

3. Lock luggage carefully

You prepare a lock used when baggage at the airport, use it at the hotel. This is a pretty simple way to protect furniture. You do not trust property to the extent that all items on the bed and think is the most secure room key. Expensive items should be put into the suitcase and locked before you go out.

4. Use safe

Some rooms are equipped with air conditioning put in the closet. You can read the manual, replace the password and store fixtures in it. This is to ensure a high level of safety.

5. Use the bottles, old jars

These little things seemed futile but can help keep viable assets. When traveling, you should bring a bottle of hair spray or cream box has run out. You will roll for all money or jewelry in it, close the lid.

Unfortunate cases when a thief visited, we did not know the value of the item and obviously it will be difficult to detect. An important note is not selected bottles, jars throughout.

6. Pretend there in the room

You can “trick” the thief when the outside sound by fitting a small television or radio to distract expectations and, as if some people are in the room. Also, if you do not need cleaning, it is best to hang the sign “Do not disturb” door. This can help remove the access portion of the ill-intentioned employees in the hotel.

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