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Nature at luxurious resorts in the world

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort has four seasons a day climate, beautiful beaches owned, pristine forests with rich flora and fauna.
Bring in an intense love heart with nature, designer Bill Bensley celebrated feel lucky to set foot on the Son Tra Peninsula (Da Nang). Instead of inspiring fierce heat of Bangkok, Bill enjoys four seasons climate every day for more than 3 years surveying and building the resort. Little chilly at night between tropical nature that he found refreshing and pleasant.
Climate is just one of the amazing things the Son Tra Peninsula. How reception area just a few steps away, Bill also caught the tree looks strange not seen where the jungle. It has more than 2,800 hectares of primary forest is preserved, with 985 species of plants, 51 species of birds, and 15 species of reptiles. Under the sea is a diverse aquatic species including 42 colorful coral, angelfish, butterfly fish and rare …
Bill Bensley natural causes concern when designing InterContinental Sun Peninsula Resort Da Nang. He bother to learn everything about the ecosystem of Son Tra peninsula before embarking on implementing resorts world class.
There are many species of animals and plants in Son Tra Peninsula is listed on the list of rare and endangered species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). Among them, langur shanked brown legs with long white tails really do Bill enchanting.
Shanked langur is the last member of the genus shanked left on earth. They are mainly distributed in Laos, northern and central regions of Vietnam. Most live in areas of high or very high, under the dense canopy of ancient trees. Unlike gold 300 monkeys and long-tailed macaques in Son Tra Peninsula, langur shanked not walk on the ground, nor boldness before humans appeared. Langur shanked seem shy, but they will be angry when enemy eyes. So, Bill often wears glasses when walking into the woods to visit them. He said that this is the way to show respect for animals.
Biodiversity of Son Tra Peninsula is Dr. Ulrike rated as “rare in the world and is very vulnerable to the effects of man.” A Forest City and 30 minutes drive preserved integrity of today’s wonders. partly because peninsula region was selected as the US military in the Vietnam War, perform the functions of information and observations. After winning the Vietnam government back control, intrusion and also prohibits the exploitation of forest resources. Dr. Ulrike was the one who gave Bill the love and passion for the natural scenery here.
Besides that, the knowledge of much help she was Bill when he designed the signposts, walking routes for tourists to explore. Only with a survey in the heart of the resort, guests can see up to 80 species of birds, white-collar kingfisher species, large trees Asia, forest lizards, turtles or frogs Annam leaf green skin.
The top priority of Bill Bensley’s natural protection when deploying any project. Therefore, the project InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, American architect requires the investor to minimize the impact on the ecosystem Son Tra Peninsula, especially shanked langur brown legs. Even the seemingly meaningless suspension bridge in the resort, and only way to pay for the return langurs astray green forest. Government taking care to detail meticulously, behaviors toner respect nature and its talented designers, Bill Bensley has contributed to the name InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort are among the resort restaurant in the world.

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