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Museum of Ethnology attractive 4th Asia

According to TripAdvisor, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology meet strict standards with international standards of quality. The evaluation is done on the basis of the comment and the number of people who comment on this site to rank a destination they visit. Indicators are shown by number of stars, 5 stars is the highest. An attraction recognized excellence to achieve 4 stars or higher.
  Also on the website TripAdvisor, after many tourists to Vietnam Museum of Ethnology has expressed an interest and appreciation, and advice for other travelers to choose Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is the destination indispensable in Hanoi travel itinerary.
L Mohili visitors from Paris, France commented on Vietnam Museum of Ethnology TripAdvisor: “It was great to visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. I have never seen a museum, where a diversity of ethnic groups to be honored and proudly display it. This is the last places you “must” come in your tour in Hanoi “.
As visitors come from New Zealand Bobbyjosing commented: “Vietnam has 54 different ethnic groups and all peoples are entitled to preserve the cultural identity of the people of his country on cultural diversity. This is a great museum, where you have the opportunity to learn about the different ethnic groups in different regions of how to live. I had a great visit. ”
This is not the first time Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is honorable to be in this list. Earlier, in 2013 TripAdvisor Certificate is awarded 3rd excellent for storage. At that time, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology ranked 6th among the top 25 most fascinating museums in Asia. So after one year, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology has shortened the gap rank in the list of the most fascinating museums in Asia.

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