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Mekong delta in list of 20 most attractive destinations in 2015

Travel & Leisure has announced the list of 20 most attractive destinations in 2015. The Mekong River Basin including Cambodia and Vietnam are also mentioned in this list and ranked 11th.Ranking criteria is based on the evaluation, research experts, new trends in tourism, places are changing and the ability to change the world tourism map.In the eyes of the experts, the Mekong Delta in Vietnam attracts tourists thanks to the floating markets characterized unique.Currently many new hotels opening in the locality along the Mekong River.

mekong1Some luxury travel tour boat on the Mekong River where visitors can choose: AmaDara with up to 124 seats to its AmaWaterways cruise the Mekong River area is located between Vietnam and Cambodia in 15 days and nights ; Avalon Siem Reap with its 18 cabins Avalon Waterways city tours. HCMC – Siem Reap or Aqua Aqua Mekong Expedition company with exploration of Southeast Asia along the Mekong go TP. HCM – Phnom Penh – Siem Reap.

Top 20 destinations in 2015 by Travel and Leisure selection

1. Fez, Morocco
2. Catskill, USA
3. Rotterdam, Netherlands
4. Puerto Plata, Dominican
5. Wasatch Mountains, USA
6. Istanbul, Turkey
7. Chengdu, China
8. Milan, Italy
9. Prince Edward County, Canada
10. Oman

11. The Mekong
12. Valletta, Malta
13. Chile
14. Tanzania
15. Houston, USA
16. West Ireland
17. Leipzig, Germany
18. Mozambique
19. Cuba
20. Nicaragua

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