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Hanoi’s Old Quarter a street festival weekend

For nearly a month, Hanoi has extended space walk at 6 street of Goods Sails, Ma May, Dao Duy Tu, Hang Giay, Luong Ngoc Quyen, Ta Hien (Hoan Kiem District) is located in the conservation area I of the old town. Along with the night market has many years on the streets of Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Hang Duong … evening activities in the old quarter of Hanoi become vibrant and more colorful.
The city walk starts at the Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday every week, from 19h to 24h (summer) and from 18h to 24h (winter). For the purpose of honoring cultural values and intangible objects of this region, enabling artisans, businesses and households to exploit the tourism potential of the old town, a lot of genres music from classical to contemporary artists show their best, giving the audience the value of art on the street, in a new space.
Along with that, Goods Sails has also become food street. This culinary neighborhoods connected to the night markets Hang Dao – Dong Xuan, help visitors more options for meals in the old town. With a length of 300 meters, street food is arranged Goods Sail 40 stalls selling snacks, beverages traditional Hanoi and some European and Asian snack products. The pavilion was designed compact, space suit Quarter.
Promenade expansion in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is a fun relaxing weekend, similar to many popular tourist destinations in the world.
The focus of this street inn for many foreign visitors should not encounter difficulty “West” to participate in this activity.
Ma May street corner – Luong Ngoc Quyen is dedicated to performing arts to promote traditional culture and Vietnam
At the intersection Hang Giay – Luong Ngoc Quyen, a band specializing in light music playing and romantic songs about Hanoi.
Shop shopping simple wooden table with stools in cramped space but extremely noisy to create a new attraction. Where is the most exciting intersection of Ta Hien – Luong Ngoc Quyen.

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