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Enjoy the barbecue while of winter in Hanoi

Before fragrant smell of meat, mushrooms, squid, chicken legs, corn, baked potato sauce pan on the stove … many diners difficult to control heart out in the streets of Hanoi the first days of winter.

10 dishes ‘must try’ to Hanoi / 6 soup for cold days make Hanoi

One of the pleasures of Hanoi is enjoying the diverse cuisine of streets. Hanoi walk in the freezing air of winter, you can easily come across the shop selling baked goods, the price is very affordable.

Beef years

Male breast is actually part of the cow, the purchase of raw milk or soaked with vinegar to remove odor removal, marinated spices including ginger, discharge, satay, soy sauce, oyster sauce, pepper … to infuse . When you have guests, owners display a disc with an annual salary of potatoes, tomatoes, onions … let them on the charcoal grill. Usually grilled mushrooms and butter should smell very warm, inviting. You can eat in Le Thanh Nghi, Bridges Gam …

Facial squid

Facial squid is not unfamiliar dishes of many young Ha Thanh. Compared to eating whole fish, squid beard cheap, bring a particular taste. Beard fresh squid marinated with spicy tasty, aromatic grilled over charcoal fire.

Chicken feet

Semi-processed chicken feet are clean, cleverly marinated with honey and some spices to infuse, then plug into skewers to grill on charcoal. Food is sold in Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Ly Van Phuc … Sip a cumbersome yellow chicken legs, shiny, fragrant honey in cold weather is the hobby of many people.

Grilled bacon

Merely pieces of bacon marinated grilled ingenious but on charcoal stoves in the cold evening se, they bring different flavors to the food. What could be more like being with my friends sitting on the kitchen small coal, just flip – wait for cooked food, just put the meat in your mouth and feel the chewy chewy, crunchy dish.

roast duck

Ducks after thoroughly marinated and grilled, while still hot pieces will be cut along the grain is very nice and laid out plates, sprinkle some sesame seeds to increase attractiveness. Roast duck in Hanoi appear very much in Giang Van Minh City, Tan Dao, Ly Quoc Su Street, Lang, Linh Dam, Cau Dien, Tran Dai Nghia end (intersection with Dai La), Long Bien … prices about 140000-160000 dong.

Corn, baked potato

Corn, baked potato dishes are not too special, but the cold air of winter season se of Hanoi, the plastic sip aromatic flavor, this dish folk will make you love love. Long Bien, Tay Ho, Cau Giay, or on the sidewalk, Medical College, University of Architecture … is the best place to sell.

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