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Destinations you never want to visit

Destinations you never want to visit

Marine litter in the Pacific Ocean, the island of poisonous snakes in Brazil or Bolivia’s death road places that tourists have been reluctant to mention.

Around the world there are many points to owning fairy scene picturesque, but also exists terrifying places, almost no one dares set foot visit. And here are some places like that.

Pacific marine litter

Marine litter in the Pacific Ocean larger estimates of the United States and Texas is home to hundreds of thousands of tons of garbage that humans release into the environment. Much of this waste is the waste plastic. For more than 50 years ago, most of the objects floating on the sea and sink in the ocean are capable of self-destruction. Today, 90% of the floating material is plastic and it is difficult to decompose after several years. This trash is ocean issues stinging all over the world and people are trying to handle this giant landfill.

Izu Island, Japan

The Izu archipelago of volcanic islands stretching south to southeast direction of the Izu Peninsula, Honshu, Japan, consisting of two towns and six villages. Due to volcanic activity, the island has always been surrounded by the stench of sulfur concentrate. For this reason, the islanders made ​​two evacuations in 1953 and 2000.

In 2005, people returned to the island but the government has asked them to wear a gas mask constantly to prevent sudden increase in the amount of toxic gases. Du pilgrims said they loved Japan and wanted to travel here. However Izu is not the point to where they will stop.

Asbestos Mines, Canada

Asbestos is a substance with a high price due to resistance to fire and sound absorption. However, if more exposure, asbestos is also one of the causes that can cause cancer and other diseases. For this reason, the European Union has to stop the exploitation and use of asbestos in Europe. In Canada, there is still a huge open-pit asbestos mine is located in Thetford Mines operations. Not a tourist who wants to visit when they have to wear thick protective gear and exposed to the substance capable of causing cancer.

Ramree Island, Myanmar

Ramree in Myanmar is home to thousands of saltwater crocodiles are bigger. It is also the venue ‘ideal’ to spread malaria and poisonous scorpions. The period of World War II, a Japanese army troops including 1,000 through a swamp and only 20 people survived before and the bloodthirsty teeth of crocodiles.

Snake Island, Brazil

Iiha da Queimada Grande is an island measuring 45 hectares, lies alone in the South Atlantic off the coast of Sao Paulo and 35 km. With the beauty of this peaceful, it ought to be an attractive destination for tourists in Brazil’s most if not containing tens of thousands of extremely poisonous snake.

In the past, this island called Fire Island by fishermen had to account for the sea by burning forests and wildlife chased through the jungles, but with the presence of numerous poisonous snakes, it is known to more solid with the name Island.

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