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THE STRANGE SAIGON: After drinking coffee can always eat cereal as new products are a trading store in the city, but tourists. Many people queuing for an hour to buy this item exotic drinks. Cafe with a cup of incomparable located on Tran Quang Khai Street, District 1, HCMC. Tung, the bartender said this is a unique coffee drinks made overseas. But in Vietnam, when he began work, it took over 2 weeks to learn and successfully made crust shaped cup, he dared to bring new products to sell. “No doubt after only one day to get a lot of support from such customers,” Mr Tung said. To experience a cup of coffee can eat this, many customers have to wait a long queue. Cake was crafted to not enough to sell. Only 7-15 minutes, Mini has sold more than 100 cups of coffee this category. Many people accept the oven waiting to buy bread. A cup tray, the fact that freshly baked bread. This is a type of cake inside with white chocolate coated coffee for a long soak in crusts. When pouring coffee into cup particular, serves to quickly bring to the table for the guests because no longer is. Guests must drink hot coffee all within 3 -5 minutes, and always eat this fragrant cup. In addition to traditional coffee shop serving drinks also coated with ice cream on top. Current price of products such as 10,000 and the price of the promotion lasts through December 11. For a relatively affordable price so many young people to enlist to shop coffee experience this unique mug always eat Although newly opened, but common sight is always crowded bar, many times no one vacancy.

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