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5 helpful tips for traveling in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is the first destination in Vietnam, attracted many domestic and foreign tourists. If you’re exploring here, please refer to the opinion of the blogger Mary shared Travel Halong Bay tours after her well!
1 Spend at least two nights in the Gulf
If you just do a day trip to Ha Long Bay, you feel the surface of this beautiful country. With only one day, you’re just surfing through caves and exit right. But if you spend some time exploring this place, you have a really interesting experience. Once you take a long road here, your trip will be more useful if you spend two nights on the bay.
2 Visit Cat Ba Island
Another reason you should spend at least two nights this: you can visit Cat Ba Island. Marry special time favorite on this beautiful island. We have a free afternoon to stroll Shen Cong bastion, the most favorite part of the trip. The scenery is spectacular! If you do not like walking, you can rent a bicycle or through the game afternoon at the beach.
3 Enter the security information on the boat
Hopefully this is not a problem of the trip but I heard about the accident a few years ago, killed 12 people. Since then, I firmly believe that all boats have escaped hammer placed bedside. Make sure you know where the envelope is set to be taken to use as needed. And a note to go kayaking, do not change direction arbitrarily well!
4 Climbing
If you get a chance, we will conquer a mountain here. The view from the mighty mountains that you can not imagine anywhere! If you are Cat Ba Island and Bai Tu Long, do not miss the chance to climb the rock of the mountain. I wish I had more time to add some peaks to conquer.
5 Talking guides
Most guides in Boston speak very good English. We take this opportunity to discuss with them the life of the people of Vietnam, the family, education and daily life, and we understand many things. Discuss with local people through the journey is also a good way to learn a new culture.

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