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5 destinations in Vietnam should go as soon as possible

Con Dao, Ha Long, Da Nang, Nha Trang and the Central Highlands are 5 interesting tourist attractions that you should make a visit as soon as possible.
Had been selected as one of the mysterious island in the world, Con Dao is increasingly attracting tourists with pristine beaches and tranquil setting. This is a dream destination for many travel enthusiasts. It is rated as a haven of relaxation and exploring nature.
With pristine beaches, blue water cool, smooth long sandy beaches, fresh air on the island, where it will bring an ideal holiday. Journey to Con Dao suitable for those who want to enjoy the feeling of peace in the pristine waters. Here, you can enjoy local specialties such as snails her breast, sea worms (shootings), crab moon … with flavors of fresh manner attractive native processing or go snorkeling forest and ice watch sea turtles lay their eggs, and enjoy roasted nuts eagle tour of the historic special.
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Recognized as one of the natural wonders of the world, Vietnam’s Halong Bay is famous for its population of thousands of islands on the emerald green water mystery. Therefore, tourist destination Ha Long is attractive.
The beauty of Ha Long Bay is the first great period of Nature. Not together, but Halong course been many tourist sites in the world honor and vote. Rough Guides travel site describes Halong Bay is one of the most spectacular landscapes of Vietnam. An estimated 1969 islands bobbing in the bay. The limestone islands can be found in many parts of the world, but certainly nowhere impressive scale property in Halong Bay. To admire the beauty of Ha Long tourist an ideal way most visitors hire a wooden boat to walk on the Bay, explore the magnificent caves and admire the luminescent plankton drifting into coast.
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Da Nang
This tourist destination is particularly attractive for tourists due located at the center of the country as well as the famous heritage, very convenient for exploring nearby landmarks such as Hoi An, Hue, Phong Nha – Ke Bang is attractive places for physical cultural heritage and intangible UNESCO.
Owning a lot of landscape diversity, Da Nang not only attract tourists with more than 60 km long beach, by Forbes magazine as one of America voted the sexiest beach 6 planets, but also very much impressive scenery as the Son Tra Peninsula, resorts Ba Na Hills, Ngu Hanh Son …
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Nha Trang
Dubbed coastal paradise, in Nha Trang has many tourist attractions that you hardly interesting to discover out within a few days.
According to popular tourist sites Price Of Travel, Nha Trang is a worthy destination for tourists to choose from. With picture perfect nature of the sea, islands, mountains, rivers, fields, villages .., attracted visitors with sandy beaches, the exotic island located offshore. The Hon Tre island locations such, Mun island, monkey island, spring Orchid, Nest Island, Nha Phu Lagoon, Dai Lanh Beach, Cam Ranh … long beach where tourists are not to be missed.
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By the Highlands, you’ll overwhelmed by the immense natural beauty of the true “to” and “wide”. The tea garden gush, rubber forests headline, the spectacular waterfalls, the vast blue of sky, the long road with the ramp interesting. By the Highlands, you’ll be going in vast stretches of rubber on the road along the province of Gia Lai Joint Dak Nong to be planted in rows are bathing in a way that will make you look like horizontal lines in a sense 3D space of a movie so.

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