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10 Vietnamese cuisine is complimented sobbed foreign journalists

1. Pho
Leading the list of all Vietnam main dishes are traditional pho. Vietnamese Cuisine probably would not be complete without going pho “national spirit, national drug”. The pho is not talking, but the color and flavor of them said “call”. These stem tasty noodles, green herbs add sliced steak blended with security from bone broth dish made with 1-no-2.
2. Burgers
Do not know ever since bread was integrated into gastronomic village and become an indispensable quintessence of our country. “Delicious”, “Multipoint”, “unique” is a compliment of the foreign guests gourmet dishes for this budget. Most experts, journalists culinary agree that Vietnam deserves bread is one of the delicious street food and cheapest in the world.
Recently, reporter David Farley’s British media have written a separate article on bread Vietnam. David Farley did not hesitate to comment bread Vietnam’s most enchanting cake I’ve ever eaten in my life.
  3. Bun bo Hue
Anthony Bourdain Chef is a key figure of culinary tourism program Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown on CNN. In the new journey was aired last Sunday, Anthony Bourdain gave the audience about trying to hunt Hue Hue beef noodle dish famous. Dong Ba market, Bourdain has the opportunity to taste beef noodle soup at a sidewalk restaurant and he did not hesitate to take the title of “world’s best soup” for this popular dish.
4. Grilled Banana sticky
Few doubt, rustic dishes in this southern region are many customers in the most popular street food festival was held in 2014 in Singapore. Baked banana sticky stems from Ben Tre, gradually spread throughout the southern provinces and survival than a decade. The sweetness of the banana bar Made cooked to blend with aromatic, grilled sticky plastic chan’s with coconut milk fat has conquered many international customers.
5. Cha Ca La Vong
Oldest traditional dish of Hanoi people are a lot of tourists internationally known. Author Patricia Schultz gave the restaurant Cha Ca street number 14 – the birth place of La Vong grilled fish dishes, in the book “1000 places should know before you die” (1000 Places to See Before You Die). MSNBC news agency selected Fish restaurant La Vong in Hanoi at No. 5 in 10 places should know before death (2003). Address cuisine is also rated 5 stars on many large and small culinary tourism.
6. Bun Crab
In a documentary about Hanoi by CNN implementation, crab soup noodle dish was described as an essence of Asian cuisine. Although most Western diners are not edible shrimp paste, but with them, crab, fried tofu made flavors characteristic of noodle soup. In addition, peppers and fresh vegetables also help this dish becomes more perfect.
  7. Bun cha
For a list of the most delicious dishes for summer by CNN poll, fried noodle dish of Vietnam is also eyeing the hundreds of other noodle dishes. If you really want to find the best bun cha Hanoi have to. The most important component is baked rolls, then the sauce can be heated, the material left in the noodle rolls can be eaten as soon as noodles, vegetables …. It is good food, cool, additional people are the most popular northern summer.
  8. Salad Roll
Last salad also known as spring rolls can be easily found from the busy market area and upscale restaurants. The harmonious combination of fresh noodles, beef, shrimp and vegetables with tasty sauces that customers not only Vietnam but all foreign travelers are choosing spring rolls are dishes to taste once in a lifetime.
9. cake pan
Pancakes became familiar dishes across 3 regions of Vietnam. For international friends, pancakes often called “Pancake Vietnam”. However, Vietnamese pancakes there are significant features than the pancake through a combination of moderate between starch, protein and vegetables.
10. Banh Khot
Vietnamese cuisine is always hard to resist the charm, cuisine and festivals in the streets in 2013, Khot cake is one of the dishes received many compliments from visitors. What makes the difference of this cake lies in the simple but not boring. Bread made from rice flour together with workers from the shrimp. After being processed food, diners will be served with salad, fresh peppers, sweet and sour fish sauce. Address sell bread to mention the famous Khot Vung Tau. Many people talk funny, if someone came here to enjoy traveling without bread Khot, as unknown to Vung Tau.

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